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The Lord says...
Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

Answered Prayers...
Anna & Norah Rose Karlson

Frank Plummer (cancer free!)

Bob Martin (healing well from heart issues)

Travis Smith (recovering well)

Please pray for...
All Our Service Members & Families
Our Church & KN Community

Pauline Ochoa (health issues)

Linda Horner (Michael Plummer's cousin; return of cancer, healing)

Lois, mother of Holly Sapp (healing prayers)

Nora Ann Nelson (Aunt of Elizabeth Caldwell, cancer, healing prayers)

Mark White (Susie Plummer's brother; healing prayers)

Rhyan Loose (daughter of Coach Loose, healing prayers)

Cathy Ewing (friend of Anna Marie Dudte; healing)

Joan Smith (sister of Ann Case; suffering with dementia)

Ken Nelson (Helen Nelson's son; healing)

Maddie Kaipare (UCM Student, healing from car accident)

Greg Sorell (healing prayers)

Wendy Buzzanga (healing prayers)

Bill Everts (healing prayers)

Lou Anna Eckhoff (healing prayers)

Dana Gillig (healing prayers)

Tim Bremmer (healing from thyroid issues)

Jim Noel (Anna-Marie's Uncle, healing from blood clots, and

God's peace for him and daughter, Debbie)

Andrew Spangenberg (Barbara's Grandson, healing prayers)

Richard Merkh (healing from colon cancer)

Janis Carnes (wife of Ron Carnes, healing prayers)

Steve Smith (friend of Tim & Martha Miller, healing prayers & God's peace)

Zack & Jenna Smith (prayers for the family at loss of a child)

Jim Friedrich (healing from ocular cancer)

Holly Harris' mom (healing prayers)

McCartney (5 year old sister of Susan Seelinger's student, Liam, healing from tumor)

Mom & Dad of Nyckie Judd (healing prayers from cancer)

Tommy Sanetrik (Richard Kelly's Uncle, healing prayers)

Guy Lenox (Shelby's Brother-in-law, healing from cancer)

Robin Michael (friend of Anna Marie Dudte; healing from cancer)

Geneva Bohannan (healing prayers from joint pain)

Ellie Rocco (13 yrs old, healing from Leukemia)

Lauren Chevalier (7 yrs old, healing from liver issues)

Scott Brouse (co-worker of Gene Tesmer, healing prayers from motorcycle accident)

Aidan Rich (13, healing prayers from brain surgery)

Dave Supplee (Michael's Uncle, healing from heart attack & kidney issues)

Christiana Supplee (Michael's cousin, healing from cancer)

Mary Kay Wendling (Pastor Bryan's mom; diagnosed with leukemia)

Rob Collin's Uncle Melvin (healing from COPD)

Rodney Clodfelter (Marge's Nephew, healing from surgery)

Bill Criss (prayers for healing)

Carl Rosine (healing prayers)

Chandra Kuhlman (healing from cancer)

Jean Mullens (Pattie's Sister-in-law, healing prayers)

Bobby Ellis (Linda King's Nephew, healing from cancer)

Paul Lindsey (healing prayers from back surgery)

Bill Lay (a Son*Shine Kids Preschooler's grandparent; undergoing chemo treatment)

Gina Chevalier (Patrick Chevalier's sister; University

Hospital in Columbia; recovering from stroke)

Jake Wendling (Brenda & Bryan's son; healing from back problems and a broken foot)

Justin Ashley (Dawn Collins cousin, healing from accident)

Richard Reed (Kathy Noe's brother, healing prayers)

Cathy Henson (Sister of Anna-Marie Dudte, healing from pneumonia)

Meta Pratt (Whiteman Elem. librarian, healing prayers)

Carol Bailey & Family (daughter of Rev. Douglas Sutherland at his passing)

Missy Blaszczyk (healing prayers)

Parker Grace Vickrey (prayers of thanksgiving at her baptism and prayers for her continues growth)

The Family of Savannah Domann (friends of Donna Palmer's sister)

Kim Breckenridge ( Sister of Hollly Harris, healing prayers from cancer and surgery)
We would love to pray for you. Your request will be lifted up in prayer and God answers prayer.

As you receive answers to your prayer, please consider returning to this site to share a word of thanks to God for answered prayer.

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