Pastor's Note
A Message from Reverend, Bob Seaman, Senior Pastor

Won't you join us for Sunday worship? We offer services in-person, in the sanctuary, or online on this website, as well as on our Messages page, or on Facebook. Services start at 10:45 a.m. every Sunday morning. Children's Church is provided each week, except for the 1st Week of the month in which we ask our families to worship together.

Whether you are looking for a church home, or simply want to visit, I would love to have you stop by.

Sunday, July 16 we focused on Acts 3:11-20. The rest of the story. Miracles occur every day. Yet many of them go unnoticed, denied, or explained away as luck or science.
The gathered crowd was aware that something unexpected had occurred, but they were not yet convinced it was a miracle. Equally, the crowd wanted to credit the happening to the Apostles.

Peter and John urged the crowd to embrace the moment as a miracle, and to give all the credit to Jesus. Finally, the Apostles called the people to allow the moment to change and inspire them forward.

Sunday, July 23 we focused on Acts 4:1-22. Again, the rest of the story. How did embracing the miracle impact Peter and John? How did having a miracle heart and mindset inspire them?

It enabled them to speak the truth whether it was too a friendly or hostile environment. It kept them from keeping the miracle a secret, and it empowered them to speak the truth with clarity and with courage.

Sunday, July 30 we gave our attention to Acts 4:32-37 and 5:1-11. We affirmed that sharing is a miracle. We learned from contrasting examples the value of genuine sharing.

Sunday, August 6 we focused on stories heard at VBS. We learned from Elijah 1 Kings 17:1-16 that God provided the message, the path, the resources, and the proof.

We are not all called to be prophets, preachers, pastors, teachers, or scholars. Yet, we all have stories and experiences in our walk with God to share with others inside and outside the church.

Sunday, August 13 we followed Acts 5:17-42 and noted that at least five times the Apostles were tempted to be afraid. Fear was a good reason to not go forward after chapter 4. Fear was a great reason to flee the city after being set free by the angel. Fear of the Sanhedrin was a smart reason to hide behind the crowd. Fear of offending the priests was a good reason to keep their convictions private, and fear was a powerful reason, especially after being abused, to reduce their mission field Yet, each time they chose to be faithful witnesses for Jesus.

Sunday, August 20 we focused on inviting in Acts 8:26-35. We observed that Philip was a believer, he knew every Christian has a calling to love God, love neighbor, and be a witness, and he embraced the calling personally. The Holy Spirit created the opportunity for Philip to be a witness and guided him to the Ethiopian man. Philip listened first and earned his right to be heard, and that opened the door for meaningful conversation. Eventually, the Ethiopian man welcomed Jesus.

Sunday, August 27 we revisited Acts 8:26-40 and discerned four more helpful truths about being a witness and an inviter. Philip had an unusual mission field, his encounter with the traveler had to be perfectly timed by God, the two men were totally new to each other, and the outcome was beyond what Philip expected.

Sunday, September 3 we centered on Acts 8:1-4. We observed that many new converts were forced out of Jerusalem. Yet, the early church handled the high-pressure moment, they set a priority to tell others about Jesus even while they were on the run, and they overcame the tyranny of the inopportune time and many disadvantages.

On September 3, 1783, after 8 years, 4 months, and 15 days of conflict the American colonists secured their independence. Strange as it may sound, they earned it without ever achieving more than 45% public support.

Sunday, September 10 we centered on the ministry of Philip to Simon, the sorcerer. We observed that a Christian witness is real, is not for sale, and should be given away freely.

Thanks from Pastor Bob for your faithful presence and giving. For proactively welcoming new members, and for reaching out to members and friends we have not seen in worship lately. Please keep up your loyal work for the kingdom.

Let's set a goal of reaching 60 in worship.
We all share three callings…love God…love neighbor…and make disciples. See you Sunday.

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